Hooping for Dance, Fitness, and Fun!
Plymouth, Michigan
Welcome to Harvey Street Hooper!
Are you looking for an exciting, creative way to move your body?  Let me show you how to move with a hoop!  Hooping and Hoop Dance are great ways to exercise and a lot of fun!  You will sweat, laugh, and find your inner child while spinning that little plastic toy.  Anyone can learn to hoop and I'm here to take you on your own hoop journey!  

What is Hoop Dance?

Hoop Dance involves different movements between you and your hoop, or hoops. I see the hoop as a dance partner, being allowed to lead with the assistance of gravity, while also being led by your intentions for on-body/off-body transitions. It is a beautiful, freeing expression of the partnership between hooper and hoop. Attending classes and workshops on Hoop Dance can be a valuable part of your hoop journey to connect with other hoopers and share ideas.

Hoop Dance is not only great for the soul. It's great for the body and the mind! Hoop Dance lets you break a sweat, tone your body, strengthen your core, and even whittle your waist. It's also a great way to relieve stress and help you to focus on the present moment.

Hoop Dance is also a fun way to restore and/or improve your balance.